How P2P marketplace work?

Lenndy operates as a lending marketplace where registered investors can purchase claim rights of the underlying loans. It is similar to crowdfunding except for the fact that loans are already issued to borrowers by loan originators. Lending marketplace is considered to be more advanced compared with traditional crowdfunding platforms as borrowers receive funds much quicker. Moreover, investors feel more secure because loan originators sell only up to 95% claim rights of the underlying loans. Loan originators have years of industry experience and competencies to issue best quality loans.

Loan originators currently offer four types of loans on Lenndy for registered investors:

  • Real estate development loans;
  • Secured car loans / lease;
  • Invoice financing;
  • Working capital business loans.

Lenndy operator provides secure technical solutions for clients as well as main information regarding the loan and the borrower such as:

  • Borrower‘s activities;
  • Financial situation;
  • Loan information;
  • Collateral and guarantees;
  • Etc.

How to start using Lenndy?

  1. Register
  2. Start your registration proccess by clicking on “Register” at the top right corner of your screen. New window opens where you can fill in your email, phone number and password. Lastly, read user terms and conditions, check the corresponding box and click “Register”. Email with activation link is instantly sent to the provided email address (it might end up in your SPAM folder). Once you click on the activation link, your registration will be successfully completed.
  3. Login
  4. Click on “LOGIN” in order to access your account. You will need to enter your user name and password or use social media like Facebook to sign in.
  5. Deposit money
  6. Log-in into Lenndy account and press ‘deposit’. For the first timers please input your birth date and press save. You will see a pop-up window with all the needed details to make deposit from your bank account.
  8. After you successfully make a deposit to your Lenndy account, you are able to invest in all loans listed on Lenndy P2P marketplace.