Fri, 2017-08-25

Lenndy updates go live!

We are happy to announce that we launched several new updates that will improve your investing experience. Here is what we have done:


  • Brand new design and improved loading time will reduce the time required to get acquainted with loan information and invest.
  • “Live” payment schedule will remove “cash drag” (period between your investment and the time when a loan is fully funded). Your invest...
Fri, 2017-08-25

New loan originator on Lenndy platform

We are welcoming our newest loan originator - "Credital verslui" ( This brand is operated by private company „Įmoka lengvai“, which has been successfully operating in Lithuanian non-banking lending business since the beginning of year 2016. Professional team with international lending experience met Lenndy requirements and after thorough due diligence we are ready to list loans issued by Credital on Lenndy platform for our investors...

Fri, 2017-08-25

Overview of 2017 Q2

The results of 2017 Q2 look pleasing for investors as well as Lenndy team. Starting from September 2016 we have already funded over 3 mln. € and during the last 3 months of activity we almost doubled our total loan portfolio. 2273 investors have funded 565 loans on Lenndy platform and earned an average of 12.78% annual return. In June, loan portfolio of over 600 000 € was funded by investors at Lenndy. It was the best month since the launch of the platform. After moving the company ...