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Lenndy platform has been added to Moonpeer. Moonpeer is a tool to track and monitor P2P investments. It helps to build a well diversified P2P investment portfolios for new and also experienced investors. Moonpeer organizes Webinars to learn basic things on how to start investing and gives some tips about P2P lending.

Some facts about Moonpeer:

1. Moonpeer was founded in 2020 to give an opportunity for investors to see a European online marketplace for P2P investments.
2. Moonpeer do researches, analysis and monitoring to pull all P2P market data together to give the best information for the investors.
3. Investors can invest in loans around Europe across multiple P2P lending platforms.
4. There are no fees for using Moonpeer.
5. Investors can track, monitor and manage their investments across multiple platforms in a single dashboard.

Find more about Moonpeer on this video >>>> WATCH IT <<<<