Loan originators financial reports (2018)

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The financial statements of the originators and Independent Auditor's Report on First Finance Financial Statement for 2018 are presented.

Quality of loan originators has always been the main focus at Lenndy. So from now on, we invite you to get acquainted with financial statements of all Lenndy loan originators for the year 2018. All originators earned a revenue more than last year and were profitable in 2018.


First finance
Originator First Finance has demonstrated sustainable business growth. The company's revenue increased by 22%. For the sake of greater transparency, the company's financial statements were first audited. Showing no slow-down First Finance has established a subsidiary company that has been successfully listed as a consumer credit provider in Lithuania.

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Originator continues to be the fastest growing non-bank invoice financing service provider for small and medium-size companies in Lithuania. The company's revenue increased by 126% and profit exceeded EUR 10,000.

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Daily Credit
Poland consumer credit provider Daily Credit in 2018 received revenue of EUR 824,000 and earned a profit of EUR 536,000.

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