2019 Q1 overview

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   Let‘s take a look at Lenndy results for the 1st quarter of the year 2019. Investors funded over 3.7 mln. EUR of loans during the first 3 months of the year, reaching the peak in January with 1 276 577 EUR. We are very pleased that Lenndy investors contributed to the growth and development of businesses and managed to reach a cumulative invested amount of over 22,3 mln. EUR. At the end of 1Q Lenndy already has 5 483 users that earn 12,5% annual return on average.

   During the last 3 months we focused on providing additional functionalities for our investors in order to improve their investing and monitoring experience. We are also delighted that two new people joined our team and it just keeps on growing! Growing confidence from our investors motivates us to move forward and constantly make improvements to our services.

   Lenndy investors have already funded 5975loans. Statistics show that favourite loan types remain invoice financing and secured car loans.

Borrowers already paid back over 13,7 mln. EUR of principal (that is 59% of total cumulative invested amount). These numbers indicate that the majority of loans tend to be short-term and investors seem to appreciate that.

You can also familiarize yourself with more detailed statistics related to issued and outstanding loans on Lenndy platform.

During the next few months we are planning to improve communication between Lenndy team and investors by introducing chat functionality, which should reduce response time and increase efficiency. From now on, all investors will have an option to have a personal relationship manager assigned to them, who would be the first point of contact in order to get answers regarding portfolio and functionality issues. If you want a personal manager assigned to you, feel free to contact us via email - hello@lenndy.com.