New affiliate model + cashback

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We are happy to introduce You with our new affiliate + cashback model. This model gives You an opportunity to earn more money with just a few clicks away. If You haven’t invested yet, but would like to earn money together with investors – You are welcome to join the affiliate program then. 


            How can I join?


  • You just have to register at Lenndy and there will be an unique referral link generated personal for You, automatically. You can find the link by pressing on “Affiliate program” in Your dashboard.
  • Share Your personal link with Your community, friends and family members so they could start earning a 12-15% return from their investments. 
  • Track Your personal earnings that You are getting from new registrations and investments. 


How much I could earn?


  • You will get a 10 EUR bonus for one person who will make a registration through Your personal link and invests 100 EUR or more into loans within 90 days. The 10 EUR bonus will be also transferred to the person who have registered through Your link. This one time bonus will be transferred to Your Lenndy account (LHV bank) automatically, once every month. 
  • You will also get a +2% bonus from every investment new user makes in 90 days. Bonus will be sent to Your Lenndy account (LHV bank) once a month as well.


How can I track my earnings?


  • When logged in to Your dashboard, You can press on “Affiliate program”. There You will find a brief statistic about Your affiliate performance:
  1. Number of investors registered using Your link;
  2. Total investments of people You invited;
  3. Money earned;
  4. Money already paid to Your account.




If David invited Monica to join Lenndy and Monica made a 100 EUR investment, then David and Monica already earned 10 EUR each. If Monika have found Lenndy platform a suitable investment tool for her investments and invests more, for example 10 000 EUR within 3 months, so David will also earn a 2% of the investment or 200 EUR.

            Total sum that David have earned – 210 EUR.


            Looks easy? Well, it is easy. Try it now!


If You’ll have any further questions or offers regarding our new affiliate+cashback model, You can allways write us to affiliate@lenndy.comand we will gladly answer You.