Overview of year 2018

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Another wonderful year has passed in the P2P lending market. We are pleased to see growing interest in P2P market and that investors' expectations are often met. Lenndy platform, which launched in 2016, is no exception. In 2018 we have done plenty and it is a great opportunity to discuss the outcome. Here is a snapshot of our numbers going into year 2019:

  • 4920 registered investors;
  • 4600 funded loans with total amount of 18 mln. EUR;
  • 12,4% average annual interest rate.


In 2018 alone investors funded over 11 mln. EUR. That is over 40% more compared to the previous year. Lenndy platform still remains one of the most popular choices for investors who prefer short-term business loans and asset-backed loans. More than 65% of the funded loans were backed with collateral and originator’s buyback guarantee, which reduces borrower’s credit risk significantly.

One of the biggest advantages of the Lenndy platform is its liquidity. Investing in short-term loans allows investors to easily predict and plan their cash flows. The ratio of issued and repaid loans is an important indicator for assessing the liquidity of Lenndy portfolio.


Investors have already earned over 760,000 EUR interest from their investments at Lenndy. Despite the size or maturity of the loans, the average interest rate remains stable at 12.4%.


Stock markets in different regions of the world in had a rough year as downturns of 45% or more were not unheard of. Fluctuations seemed to be avoided by investors in the P2P markets. For comparison, in Eastern Europe, the average return on investment in P2P loans in 2018 was around 11.6%.



In 2018 our focus was aimed at improving Lenndy system and providing more features and security to our investors. Although Lenndy platform received numerous inquiries from different credit companies during this year, only consumer loan company Daily Credit from Poland was accepted as loan originator on the marketplace. We are glad that investors can further diversify their portfolio through different consumer credit loans in Poland with a buyback guarantee.


In 2019, we are planning to add at least two new loan originators and increase the supply of different loans. We will continue improving technical functionalities of Lenndy platform. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email - hello@lenndy.com.