2018 Q3 overview

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On September 9th it has been two years since Lenndy marketplace launched in 2016. It united similar-minded proactive investors who were seeking solid investment return. Over the course of these two years, Lenndy system was improved significantly and the number of loans funded grew exponentially. 

Let‘s take a look at a brief overview of the 2018 Q3 results and statistics. Investors have already funded over 14.5 mln. EUR. There are 4479 registered on the platform, who successfully funded over 3100 loans. Investors on average earn 12.46% annual return on their investments in business and consumer loans.

In August, new monthly record was achieved on the Lenndy platform – investors funded 1 031 357 EUR of loans. This indicator only shows the growing interest in loans from investors around the globe. Currently, investors at Lenndy are able to invest in businesses in the Eastern European region and also invest in consumer loans in Poland (Daily Credit).

Key reasons why investors choose Lenndy remain unchanged:

  • Ability to diversify investment portfolio
  • Relatively high return on investments ranging from 12 to 15%
  • Great supply of short-term loans.
  • Majority of loans are secured by pledged collateral
  • Buyback guarantee is offered for most of the loans

The distribution of loans on Lenndy platform remains barely changed. The majority of loans are secured car loans (44.01%), in second place we got invoice financing (28.4%), then real estate development loans (16.08%) and business loans with owner’s guarantee (8.44%). New loan originator Daily Credit from Poland joined Lenndy marketplace in 2018 June and it’s share of the portfolio is just 3,07%.

As it was mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of investing on Lenndy platform is the supply if short-term loans. Average term to maturity is around 6 months, which provides liquidity and helps investors plan their cash flows. This trend is reflected by the ratio of issued and repaid loans. Investors have already received 9 027 505 of principal payments. Current active Lenndy portfolio is almost 6 mln. EUR.

We also invite you to get acquainted with the more detailed statistics of current loans on Lenndy platform. In statistics page, you can clearly see the total composition of loans, operator breakdowns and delays. Currently, amount of loans overdue for over 60 days is just 1.6%.

It is important to note that the majority of borrowers under contracts concluded with loan operators must make payments on 15th and 25th of the month. Setting specific dates makes it easier and easier to manage portfolio of issued loans. Most of the borrowers do not necessarily pay the required amount (payment may be delayed for 3-10 days for several reasons), so investors might see sudden spike of late loans just after those days. This fact does not necessarily mean that the borrower is having problems. A process of collection and administration of payments can take up to a week depending on the amount of loans. Currently, Lenndy platform operator is focused in system automation, so that all payments are tracked and paid out without the need of human intervention. 

We continue Lenndy system development to improve user experience for investors and loan originators. On the platform, you can already see the updated account statement function. We also improved the overview section and added more useful information and we significantly reduced the loading time of the system. In the near future, we plan to change the entire payment system and switch to direct investment (SEPA) for prospect and current investors.