New loan originator „Daily Credit“

Go back Mon, 2018-06-25

We are happy to announce that Lenndy investors will be able to fill their investment portfolios with consumer loans. New loan originator „Daily Credit“ will be offering personal loans from Poland on Lenndy marketplace. Investors will be able to further diversify their portfolios by purchase claim rights of the underlying loans with buyback guarantee and earn up to 13% annual return.

Daily Credit has been operating since 2010 and has a well-established brand as well as wide network of agents, who find new customers. SIA „Lenndy“ decided to acquire some of the Daily Credit equity in order to have more control over decision making regarding risk management and loan recovery processes. Decision was made to establish a new legal entity – SPV (special purpose vehicle). This way SIA Lenndy representatives will have seats on the board and will be more involved in day-to-day operations, portfolio management and strategic oversight. Daily Credit has developed risk management and loan recovery policies which had been constantly improved since 2010.


We invite you to get more detailed information about Daily Credit history, activities, results and statistics. Short presentation can be found HERE.