2018 Q1 overview

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     Let‘s take a look at Lenndy results for the 1st quarter of the year. Investors funded over 2.6 mln. EUR of loans during the first 3 months of the year, reaching the peak in March with 900,370 EUR. We are very pleased that Lenndy investors contributed to the growth and develpment of Lithuanian businesses and managed to reach a cumulative invested amount of over 9.5 mln. EUR.




     In Q4 of 2017 we were focused on process improvement for investors and loan originators in order to ensure well-functioning system integration and communication. Moreover, we introduced auto-invest funcionality and mailing settings that allow investors to select settings according to their personal preferences.

     Lenndy investors have already funded 1659 loans. Statistics show that favourite loan types remain invoice financing and secured car loans.


     Borrowers already paid back over 6 mln. EUR of principal (that is 63% of total cumulative invested amount). These numbers indicate that the majority of loans tend to be short-term and investors seem to appreciate that.

     You can also familiarize yourself with more detailed statistics related to issued and outstanding loan on Lenndy platform.



     The following quarter we are planning to put our effort into growth and system improvements. We are in process of onboarding additional loan originators in Poland and Latvia. We are constantly improving security and speed of our platform, while taking into account all requests from our loan originators and investors to improve future experience.