Overview of year 2017

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Year 2017 has come to an end and we would like to share our results. We finished year 2017 with:

  • 2965 registered investors;
  • 1280 total funded loans, which comes to almost 7 mln. EUR;
  • 12.68% annual return to our investors.

During 2017 alone our investors funded over 6.5 mln. EUR worth of loans. It is clear that the popularity of invoice financing is growing due to favourable short term of the loans. Moreover, over half (53.06%) of the listed loans had loan originator‘s buyback guarantee.



Business loans usually have shorter term compared to consumer as money is used for specific projects or deals and is repaid at the end. In cases where loan term is longer and loan has an annuity repayment method, businesses tend to repay earlier if cash flow allows it due to relatively high interest rates.

The following image represents the amount that has already been repaid (54% of total invested amount) and current outstanding portfolio (46% of total invested amount).



Investors at Lenndy have already received over 225 000 EUR of interest payments in year 2017. Lithuanian remain the most active investors accounting for just over 50% of registered users. Remaining users come from over 40 countries around the world and are attracted by low default rate and great returns.

During year 2017, Lenndy team put a lot of emphasis on risk management processes, portfolio quality assurance and communication with loan originators. We actively cooperate with our loan originators providing best practices and relevant non-confidential information that might help to maintain and even increase the quality of the loans.

We can clearly see a tendency that loan originators give more attention to risk management policies, work to improve internal processes that allow better communication with borrowers that result in reduction of overdue loans. Only 0.36% of the loans are overdue for 90 days or more. This number is low due to effective communication and additional safety measures.



In year 2018 we are focused on reaching new markets and introducing additional platform features to improve experience for our users. We are in negotiation with loan originators from Latvia and Poland, therefore, you will be able to geographically diversify your investments at Lenndy. Moreover, we are planning to introduce consumer loans alongside auto-invest functionality which will save a lot of your time.