How to make the best of your company’s available capital?

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Companies often have funds that just sit in their bank accounts. Most people might not realize that it could be beneficial to invest those funds and earn additional income.

Invest in order to preserve

Company owners plan most of the company’s cash flows and there is time when there are funds just sitting in their bank accounts. How can they make the best of these circumstances? There are ways to invest in business loans and earn 13-15% annual interest. How? Latvian lending marketplace Lenndy offers a great tool to employ your available funds and get a piece of short-term business loans. Why should you choose Lenndy?

  • Any entity, regardless of its legal form, may invest in all loans listed on Lenndy and earn 12-15% annual return;
  • Invoice financing loans are favoured by companies due to relatively short investment term and multiple protection features such as recourse and personal guarantee;
  • By investing your available funds, you will be supporting small and medium businesses across Europe.

Companies with unused working capital are losing money without even realizing it. Rapidly growing inflation reduces the purchase power of money, meaning that you are able to buy less for your money that you could a year ago. Given there is 10 000 EUR in your account, this amount might grow to 11 300 EUR in just a year if you decide to invest in business loans with collateral and earn great return.

Available capital – opportunity to stimulate economy.

Small and medium-sized businesses use non-bank loans as they have the ability to get loans at favourable terms, quicker and at reasonable interest rates. Other companies and individuals investing in loans already sold on the platform offer the opportunity for small businesses to increase working capital, use invoice financing or obtain the necessary financial injection for modernization or other investments. Thousands of investors can contribute to the growth of small business and sharing economy.

Unused funds benefits nobody, however, invested funds stimulate and promote sharing economy and help small companies grow. Lenndy is trusted by over 60 companies across Europe who invested an average of 20 000 EUR and earn significant returns. It is easy to start – all you need is 10 EUR. Give it a try - invest small amount, diversify your investments and witness success. Make sure you take some time to understand any risks associated with investing and plan your future cash flows accordingly. Be aware that even the most worthy borrowers might not repay some or all of your invested capital. Once you evaluate corresponding risk and return, additional income is just a few clicks away. Lenndy – ideas worth investments.