Lenndy updates go live!

Go back Fri, 2017-08-25

We are happy to announce that we launched several new updates that will improve your investing experience. Here is what we have done:


  • Brand new design and improved loading time will reduce the time required to get acquainted with loan information and invest.
  • “Live” payment schedule will remove “cash drag” (period between your investment and the time when a loan is fully funded). Your invested amount reaches loan originator instantly and you will start earning interest the same day. In addition, you are able to see your personal payment schedule for every loan in your portfolio.
  • Loan filters will help you filter loans that you want to see according to your selected criteria. That is, you can filter loans by Loan originators, terms, interest rate, etc.
  • Portfolio filter will help you analyze your current portfolio. In addition, we are planning to introduce information export functionality in the near future.
  • Account statement – new functionality will enable you to see all your transactions for selected period including your investments, interest and principal payments.
  • Improved statistics page - investors will be able to see more detailed statistics, performance of loans for all Loan originators.


We have more good news for you! Lenndy has a new loan originator from Lithuania – “Credital”. Investors will be able to invest in business loans and increase portfolio diversification. All “Credital” loans are secured by personal bill of exchange. In addition, Credital loans are only listed on Lenndy platform if it is not overdue AND at least two scheduled payments are received from a borrower. More information about Credital loans can be found here.


More changes will be delivered in the near future:


  • Auto-invest functionality – investors will be able to spend less time investing as Lenndy will do it for you based on pre-selected auto-investment criteria.
  • SEPA payments – we are planning to introduce new way of depositing money to Lenndy account. You will be able to deposit funds directly from any bank.


We hope that these updates will significantly improve you investing experience. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions. Write us an email to hello@lenndy.com and help us move forward!