Sell your investment with one button

Go back Fri, 2017-08-25

From now on Lenndy investors can invest at Lenndy without any doubts about their future. We are introducing a “sell” button that will allow to sell your investment for a small fee and get your money back, whenever you need.


After lots of comments and suggestions from our investors we decided to add a new feature at Lenndy – “sell” button. If you decided that you want to get your money back (decided to buy a new car or facing a better investment opportunity), you can just press a “sell” button in your portfolio list and choose which of the investments you would like to sell. Operator will make a decision in 30 days. You will find a button in the list of active loans you invested in.


Your investment will be sold to one of Lenndy’s institutional investors and the money will be returned to your “Paysera” account. The feature costs 5% of the outstanding loan principle amount. You can see the summary of sold or bought investments in a dashboard.


If you consider becoming an investment buyer and get additional 5% profit, contact us and we will provide further information.