How does BUYBACK warranty work?

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       In this blog entry I firstly would like to thank Lenndy friends who joined the investors network and invested in our offered loans. The start is really successful, though not even had a chance to invite friends and relatives to contribute. We say BIG THANKS and carry on the work!


        Lenndy market entry has brought a new offer – BUYBACK guarantee. We are offering the investors an access to BUYBACK guarantee, which ensures that the loan operator (let us call it Lenndy partner) presents only a proper evaluation of the loans that have already been successfully paid by borrowers. At the beginning we found that investors have questions about BUYBACK guarantees. Therefore, in this entry we will discuss the advantages and principles of BUYBACK operation.


    Buyback guarantee provided by loan originators serve as an additional way to protect Lenndy investors. When payment from a borrower is overdue for 60 days, loan originator is oblidged to buyback outstanding principal amount with accrued interest from investors. Loan originators then initiates standard loan recovery procedures. Loan originators are thoroughly checked before partnership agreement is signed and constantly monitored afterwards. We have due dilligence framework that includes financial situation analysis, loans portfolio, equity requirements, cashflows, business model, documentation, reputation and etc.

Key advantages to investors:

  • In case of borrower‘s insolvency, investors do not need to wait until pledged assets are liquidated.
  • Risk of failure to recover full amount is taken by loan originators (for this reason loan-to-value ratio is very important to them).
  • Great risk-adjusted return can be earned.


  • Loan opriginator issues a 100 000 EUR loan for 24 months. Value of pledged assets is 150000 EUR (LTV – 66%).
  • Once the loan is paid out, First Finance offers this loan to investors at Lenndy, where it is fully funded.
  • 6 scheduled payments were paid on time, however, borrower is late to pay 7th, 8th and 9th payments.
  • In 1-3 business days from 9th payment date, First Finance buys back outstanding loan amount for investors from their own funds and cover all interest accrued up to that date.


 What will happen if Lenndy partner goes bankrupt?


        In the event of bankruptcy of Lenndy partner, the platform operator takes over the administration of the credit agreements, provides bankruptcy administrator with all the information about the contract, where one of the parties is in bankruptcy, and informs the debtors (borrowers) of claim assignment fact. Also provides with the requirement to pay to investors according to their claim rights, either directly or through third parties. The Bankruptcy Administrator shall ensure that the recovered assets are in favor of investors, the entire process is supervised by Lenndy.

This modern system allows investors to ensure their safe and profitable opportunity for all investments. On that occasion we invite you all to register and employ your money. For further information you can always contact us via e-mail